Charlotte County’s Sunseeker resort plans to bring a unique experience to SWFL in 2023

May 11th, 2022

By Samantha Serbin - NBC-2

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — “There’s nothing like Sunseeker. There’s nothing like Sunseeker in the country. This is a unique product especially to SWFL,” Charlotte County’s Economic Development Director Dave Gammon said. It’s a unique product and it’s right here in our neck of the woods. We’re officially less than a year away from the grand opening of the Sunseeker resort in Charlotte Harbor.

The construction zone is finally starting to look less like just concrete and beams, and more like an actual resort. You can see balconies, windows and even the outline of the 60,000 sq. ft. event space. The luxury resort will have 785 total rooms and 19 unique restaurants.  “They’re very focused on the quality and making sure it’s going to be a resort people want to come to,” Gammon said.

The plan is to open up to guests in May of 2023. In fact, most of that month is already booked online. Rooms start at nearly $400 a night.  With the large event space and hundreds of rooms, the Sunseeker is also drawing interest from the conference industry.

“The response from the meeting industry has been incredible due to the fact that we will be the first completely new-build resort with 300+ rooms to open in Southwest Florida in over 3 years,” Renee McKenny said, CMP Executive Director of Sales, Services and Experience. “Groups are excited and can’t wait to experience the vibrancy of a new destination.” “They are unique also in what they can do. I mean remember who owns them,” Gammon said. “They’re owned by Allegiant Airlines so they can grab employees and people coming to conferences from all over the country and fly them down here, no other resort hotel can do that.”