42850 Crescent Loop, #100
Babcock Ranch, FL 33982

(941) 257-4936

Babcock Ranch is drawing national attention as America’s first community fully powered by solar energy. Today, roughly 650,000 photovoltaic cells stretch across 870 acres (more than 350 football fields), ready to provide 100% of the community’s electricity. To achieve this, Florida Power & Light invested more than $100 million to install the solar panels, wiring and storage batteries required. The 19,000-acre community will eventually be home for 50,000+ residents.

Babcock Ranch is projected to host 19,500 homes priced from $199,000 to $499,000 (2018 prices). There are several lakes on the property and over 50 miles of hiking/biking trails. Someday, residents expect to be transported via driverless electric shuttles. The first owners have already moved in, and more than 500 residents are calling Babcock Ranch home.

As a truly sustainable community, Babcock is a natural for any company interested in protecting our planet.